Going Green — Ford to Use Bamboo in Near Future

The reliance on limited resources is unsustainable, and Ford is aware of that fact. In fact, the automaker has shifted many of its core decisions to align with a more eco-conscious agenda because it knows such a change is necessary toward nurturing a more sustainable future. Fortunately, there is no doubt that the company will overcome the challenge for it has always been a leader in innovation. That is why its plans to integrate bamboo into its future models is exciting news indeed!

Bamboo is growing in popularity and has been central to the construction of many products already for a good reason. Its elasticity and fiber composition make it a tough organic material. It is so tough, the people of South America have even nicknamed it "vegetable steel." In addition to its durability, bamboo is also environmentally-friendly because it grows rapidly as well, getting taller by as much as three feet in a single day. These two factors alone speak to the value of bamboo.

By mixing this substance into its construction, Ford is taking a greener approach to auto engineering. What does that mean for our customers at Hempstead Ford? If you want to lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle, then you too will have the ability to own an environmentally-friendly vehicle in the near future. Just keep an eye out to get more news on what is coming soon!

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