What Can BLIS Do to Help Keep Drivers Safe?

There are many technological advancements being made every day, and many of these are being applied to the automobile industry. Many of these technologies are designed to make the driving experience a more pleasant and convenient one. Many new technologies are also being designed with driver safety in mind. The BLIS, Blind Spot Information System, from Ford is one of these systems designed to improve driver safety.

Using sensors located on the exterior mirrors, the BLIS will alert the driver to moving objects in the drivers’ blind spots. These sensors will indicate through a series of unique tones as well as indication lights located on the exterior mirrors.

BLIS engages when the vehicle is running, transmission engaged to Drive and the vehicle is travelling more than 5 mph. Another setting with the BLIS is its Cross-Traffic Alert System, designed to help drivers safely back out of parking spaces and into traffic.

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