Ford Mustang Handling Features for 2018

The all new Mustang will surprise you with its host of features that are built into the new suspension and drive train options. While the Mustang comes standard with rear-wheel drive, you can get even more excellent power and grip in the dynamic engine. It's been developed to take on winding roads and deliver nimbleness without taking away from the quality of the ride.

There are five selections when it comes to driving modes now. You can get the all new drag mode if you have a Shelby GT or higher performance options in the premium trims. The new Mustang also comes with a MagneRide damping system, which adjusts to road conditions in real time to give a smoother ride. There is also better handling built into the latest Mustang.

You can test drive the latest Mustang at Hempstead Ford Lincoln. This is the best place to get a test drive if you want to see all of the features.



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