Stay on the Road With a Little Lesson on Your Differential

There are many parts of your vehicle that you never see which are important to its continued operation. These include components which make the simplest things, such as turning, possible. Your vehicle's differential not only makes turning possible, but it also plays a key role in the making your car move.

The differential of your vehicle is a gearbox which helps to transfer power generated from the engine to the transmission to turn the wheels and get you where you are going. It lies between the wheels of the drive axle. Vehicles equipped with 4-wheel drive have both a front and rear differential.

Because the gears of the differential serve a taxing job, the fluid that coats and preserves them should be changed on a regular basis. When it's time to have your vehicle's differential serviced, come pay us a visit at Hempstead Ford Lincoln. We are located in Hempstead, NY where we can get you taken care of and back on the road.

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