Top Causes for an Overheated Engine

If the car engine is overheating, it can be a direct result of a number of potential causes. Here are the top reasons the engine may be overheating.

The water pump is the main reason the engine doesn't overheat, so when there is issue, the first place to check is the pump. If coolant is leaking from the bottom of the pump, the bearings could be shot and the coolant is not being distributed properly. The belts that run from the pump to the fan should be tight and in good working condition. A loose belt allows the fan to slip and could be the reason the temps are rising.

Radiator hoses can leak from the openings if not secured to the radiator or block, and they can develop bubbles that burst and allow fluid to leak. Schedule an appointment at the Hempstead Ford Lincoln car repair shop so the team can give the cooling system a complete inspection.

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