Highlighting the New Ford Taurus Technology Features

When the crew at Hempstead Ford Lincoln identify features in a new vehicle that can help protect the driver and other motorists as well, we like to talk about it. Today, we discuss some features in the Ford Taurus you need to experience to believe.

The minute that you activate the Adaptive Cruise Control in the Ford Taurus, you'll notice it does more than just set the desired speed. Scanning far ahead to locate a lead vehicle, this system creates a buffer zone and will speed up or slow down the car when needed to maintain that safe driving distance.

When you have the Ford Taurus on the highway, you can trust you are safe because the Blind Spot Information System is working by way of radar technology to scan behind your vehicle for other cars. When a car is in your blind spot, your side mirrors flash to get your attention to stay in the lane.



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