New Ford Fiesta and the Numerous Smart Features it Offers

The Ford Fiesta is again getting a lot of attention this year as the subcompact car that comes with a number of helpful smart features that drivers appreciate.

If you are afraid to get a vehicle with a manual transmission because of shifting difficulties on a hill, then you'll love the new standard Hill Start Assist feature in the Ford Fiesta. Shifting on a hill is easier because this feature will hold the brakes a few seconds to avoid slippage and hitting the vehicle behind you.

Another helpful smart feature inside the Ford Fiesta is the standard Rear View Camera. Once in reverse, that large screen on the center stack is now a camera, so you see exactly what is behind your car when driving backwards so you avoid hitting someone or something.

See us at Hempstead Ford Lincoln so you can take the new Ford Fiesta out on a test drive.



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