Brake Fluid Maintenance Strategies

The brake fluid that an automobile manufacturer supplied during the manufacturing process will lose some of its moisture over time. As a result, to stay safe on the road, you'll have to implement maintenance procedures occasionally in order to keep your brake lines in peak condition.

When enough moisture evaporates out of a fluid line, the fluid will develop inefficiencies that will impact performance during braking situations. To correct a moisture problem, you must drain the old fluid and replace it with fresh fluid every few years. If you have a brand-new vehicle, check the owner's manual as it will have information about the best times to flush out the old brake fluid.

Hempstead Ford offers helpful brake system services for a variety of automobiles. If you don't have an owner's manual for a used vehicle, our crew can implement procedures to flush out old fluid properly. Our shop is in Hempstead, NY, and we work with locals in many neighborhoods.

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