Difference Between Compact Temporary and Full-Size Spare Tire

Gone are the days where all new vehicles automatically come equipped with a full-size spare tire that can be driving indefinitely. Today, most new vehicles come with a compact temporary spare or “donut” tire designed to get you home or to the nearest service station where you can get your tire repaired or replaced. At Hempstead Ford, we have a full selection of spare tires, and we would like to provide information on the difference in these spare tires.

The full-size spare tire is the same size as what’s currently on your vehicle and should be rotated along with your regular tires if you continue to use it. A compact temporary tire has a shallow tread depth and smaller dimensions, which means they need more air pressure. They’re only for temporary use.

Whether you need a spare tire or are in need of new tires, we have exactly what you need. Stop at our Hempstead, NY dealership and allow us to offer our tire replacement services to you.

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