Safe Cruising in the Ford Ranger

Long road trips are no problem in the new Ford Ranger. This brand-new mid-sized pickup truck is available at Hempstead Ford Lincoln with Adaptive Cruise Control and Pre-Collision Assist. These features are designed to act as a second pair of eyes on the road. They can keep you safe, alert, and ready for anything.

The Adaptive Cruise Control system allows you to follow the flow of traffic. Once you set your desired speed and how far back you want to stay from the car ahead of you, the Ranger will automatically slow down and speed up based on traffic conditions.

The Pre-Collision Assist system looks out for potential obstacles as you drive. It can detect large hazards, such as other vehicles that have slowed down or come to a stop in your path. When it senses trouble, audible and visual alerts will sound to increase your awareness. The brakes will also pre-charge to give you as much stopping power as possible.



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