Does the Ford C-Max Have Bluetooth Connectivity?

There are two methods used by car manufacturers to allow the occupants of their cars to connect with the outside world. One is a built-in Wi-Fi link; the other is Bluetooth connectivity. Ford engineers chose Bluetooth connectivity for the C-Max for its ever-increasing options and because of its universal apps.

Even when driving around town, passengers and drivers alike find the need to communicate outside the vehicle over a long range. With Bluetooth connectivity in the C-Max, there is always the ability to stay connected. Bluetooth allows for hands-free connectivity through the speakerphone creating a safe environment for the driver to make a call. Bluetooth connectivity also enables voice texting, audio streaming, and data tethering.

If your current C-Max has a portable Wi-Fi app, go to Hempstead Ford Lincoln to move to the much more adaptable Bluetooth Connectivity app. Along with these advantages, Bluetooth technology is continuously advancing, and upgrades transfer easily.



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