Despite its ultra-affordable price tag, the Ford Fusion has really cranked it up a notch when it comes to smart features. It's equipped with all kinds of technology to make you a better, safer driver, and it can help you get where you need to go around Hempstead, NY in the utmost comfort and style.

One of the biggest perks of the Ford Fusion is its Wi-Fi capabilities. It has its own, in-vehicle Wi-FI hot spot, so you can connect to everything from Alexa to SiriusXM as soon as you start the car. You can also take advantage of things like smartphone apps and driver assistance controls with web connectivity.

Consider the Ford Fusion if you want a car that's just as smart as you are. You don't even have to admire it from afar. We can put you right in the driver's seat at Hempstead Ford if you'd like to fiddle with the buttons and touchscreens for yourself!


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