There are many ways to make a pickup truck tougher. When the Ford Super Duty was designed, dense heavy-duty materials were used to strengthen its base.

The main material that gives the Ford Super Duty its strength is an modified aluminum alloy. This alloy isn't designed like traditional aluminum. To give the F-150 a tough impact-resistant core, the Ford team selected a military-grade alloy. Although this type of aluminum alloy is tough, it's also very light and sleek, so it doesn't make the Ford F-150 sluggish.

Underneath the Ford F-150's body, the entire frame is constructed out of a high-strength steel, which is very stiff. You can thoroughly examine the F-150's exterior at Hempstead Ford Lincoln. We have F-150 trucks on display around our lot, so you can check out different trucks from top to bottom. After you're done inspecting the exterior, we'll let you examine key performance features during a test drive.



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