Remaining one of the most popular 3-row SUVs, the Ford Explorer has many technology features to keep you connected to the road. Low visibility is never a good thing when you're behind the wheel, but thanks to Auto High-Beam Headlights, you no longer must worry about unlit roads.

Your Auto High-Beam Headlights can sense when lighting is low. Your path will automatically be lit up by the headlights. When oncoming traffic approaches, the Ford Explorer will sense other vehicles and automatically dim. Now you can keep both hands on the wheel, keeping you and your passengers safer.

Backing up in a large vehicle was once a difficult situation, but the Rear-View Camera in the new Ford Explorer makes the task seem effortless and makes it safer for all involved. By providing you with a clear view of anything behind your vehicle, you can now navigate out of those tight parking spots with confidence. Arrange a test drive today at Hempstead Ford and see how a new Ford Explorer can make you feel!



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