Check Out the Sound of the Exhaust Coming From the Ford Mustang

You will want to come by Hempstead Ford Lincoln and listen to the exhaust sound coming out of the Ford Mustang. This illustrates just how powerful a car this one really is. It is also a prime reason that it has become such a popular performance car over the years. You will want to experience it for yourself.

The engine on the Mustang is 310 horsepower of sheer performance. It has four cylinders and the exhaust literally rumbles and reverberates as soon as the car is powered up. Drivers love the feeling that results, and so do passengers. You will love driving this car through the city or down the highway.

The exhaust sound can actually be customized by switching a button located right in the center console. This gives you a choice of three different sounds that can reflect the mood you are in while driving. Speaking of driving, stop by Hempstead Ford Lincoln and take the Mustang for a test drive.


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