Ford Trade-In Assist Bonus Cash

Bring in any 1995 or newer trade, or current lease, and get up to $3,750!

Trade up for a new ride at Hempstead Ford and take advantage of the Ford Trade-In Assist Bonus Cash

Customers that currently own or lease 1995 or newer Ford/Lincoln/Mercury or Competitive vehicle who Trade In or have an expiring Lease are eligible for Trade-In Assistance Bonus Customer Cash.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Ford Trade-In Assist Bonus Cash?

It's simple, you currently own or lease a vehicle and we want to upgrade you to America's Best Selling vehicles with similar or even lower monthly payments. Ford is making it easier than ever by offering up to $2,500 in Trade-In Assist Bonus Cash to put towards your new Ford purchase or lease.

Who is eligible for Trade-In Assist Bonus Cash?

Virtually everyone! Ford is including Ford / Lincoln lease renewals, Ford / Lincoln retail trades, ALL competitor lease renewals and ALL competitor retail trades. The ONLY disclaimer to this is the trade-in must be a 1995 or newer to receive the bonus cash.

What are the program requirements?

There's no gimmicks here and it's a pretty straight forward program. There are just four requirements: (1) you must have owned or leased the prior vehicle for a minimum of 30 days, (2) a copy of proof of residency and eligibility must be retained by Hempstead Ford (the dealership), (3) Hempstead Ford (the dealership) is required to retain proof of prior vehicle ownership from you (a vehicle registration is NOT acceptable) and (4) the trade-in must be 1995 or newer.

A lot of Ford programs and rebates are transferable within the household, is this one?

YES! This bonus cash is transferable within the household (same address).

What qualifies as proof of ownership?

There are a few options for providing proof of ownership. For lease returns, it would be a copy of the lease contract, lease payment coupon or the lease turn-in vehicle inspection report. For retail trade-ins, it would be the trade-in vehicle's title clearly indicating vehicle ownership transferred to Hempstead Ford (the dealership) as a trade-in vehicle. These are things we can help with once you come in.

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